• We empower Harvard Founders with the

    network & resources of the Harvard network.


    We provide high-potential Harvard founders with access to a deep network of fellow founders, mentors, advisors & investors.


    We provide a forum for founders to meet each other, learn from experienced operators and receive warm introductions to valued members of our community. We do not ask for any equity or fees for participation.


    Our Program is run by Harvard in Tech, the official Harvard university alumni organization for technology. Learn more Harvard in Tech here.

  • Applications are due September 15th, 2018

  • Mentors and Advisors

    Mentors and Advisors are fellow Harvard alums who are dedicated to helping our Founders grow in the early stages of their company and provide guidance and expertise to shape the the curriculum and Program experience.

    Ed Sim

    Founder and Managing Partner, boldstart ventures


    Co-Founder, MState


    Harvard College

    David Haber

    Founder and CEO, Bond Street


    Harvard College

    Nitesh Banta

    Co-Founder and CEO, B12


    Harvard College

    Jessica Lin

    Co-Founder and General Partner, Work-Bench


    Harvard College

    Kelly Peeler

    Founder & CEO, NextGenVest.com


    Harvard College

    Andrew McLaughlin

    Founder, Higher Ground

    Venture Partner, betaworks

    Fmr. Chairman & CEO, Digg

    Fmr. Deputy CTO of the US, Office of President Obama


    Harvard Law School

    Avani Patel

    Executive Director, HBS Startup Studio

    Founder & CEO, Trendseeder

    Partner, Ember Investments

    Mariah Chase

    Chief Executive Officer, ELOQUII


    Harvard College

    Peter Boyce

    Investor, General Catalyst

    Founder, Rough Draft Ventures

    Founder, Harvard Ventures


    Harvard College

    David Teten

    Managing Partner, HOF Capital
    Founder, Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York


    Harvard Business School

  • The Program

    We want to leverage the best of the Harvard tech network to help the next generation of Harvard founders


    The formal programming portion of this program will last for 6+ months; however, the goal of the program is to create something of lasting value where the relationships between founders, peer founders and mentors go on indefinitely.

    Founders Circle

    Meet on a regular basis with a cohort of high-potential founders, sharing best practices and insights about their current journey


    You will have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with selected operators, investors and mentors as you proceed along the entrepreneurial journey


    The program will provide you with introductions to a curated list of potential mentors, investors, employees and peers from the Harvard tech ecosystem


    By joining, you will be joining a select group of fellow founders that you will lean on throughout the process and will come to view as an invaluable peer group as you build your company

  • Apply Now

    Applications are currently open until 9/15/2018


    The program accepts emerging founders, with a focus on high-potential teams who have built a product, received traction and/or have raised their first round of investment.


    We are generally seeking candidates that are pre-Series A as we believe our community can provide the most impact as the company is being established.

  • Program Timeline



    Applications Due



    Admission Announcements


    11/1/2018, 6pm



    Monthly Events

    (1) Mentor Meetings

    (2) Founder Discussions

    (3) Programming with Guest Speakers




    Program Ends

  • Past Harvard in Tech Events

    2017 Fall Social



    Jeff Glueck C'91, CEO of Foursquare;

    Frida Polli HBS'12, CEO of Pymetrics;

    Jon Stein C'01, CEO of Betterment;
    Kelly Peeler C'10, CEO of Nextgenvest; Chris Altcheck C'09, CEO of Mic (moderator)

    Fireside Chat with Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes (C'07)

    2016 Summer Social



    Matt Salzberg (Blue Apron, CEO and Founder; HBS).

    Ryan Williams (Cadre, CEO & Co-Founder; Harvard College),

    Mariah Chase (Eloquii, CEO; Harvard College),

    Chris Altchek (Mic, CEO & Co-Founder; Harvard College),

    Jean Brownhill Lauer (Sweeten, CEO & Founder; Harvard GSD)

  • FAQ

    What are the Harvard affiliation requirements?

    To qualify, at least one founder or C-level executive must be a Harvard degree holding alum or current student.

    Do we have to be based in NYC?

    We are primarily focused on NYC founders for our program; however, we are open to any and all talented founders and are happy to discuss how to make the program work best.

    Can we belong to other programs?

    We do not take equity or give money; we view our program as additive to any other program or opportunity that you may be exploring. We'll ask you to list any programs that you may already be a part of or further considering, and we'll take note of any issues that may arise.

    Do you give money? Ask for equity?

    We do not provide any money or ask for any equity.

    Do I have to join by myself? Can my co-founder join?

    Your founding team will be accepted into the program. We expect the Harvard affiliated team member to be the point person for the team.

    More questions?

    E-mail us at info@harvardintech.com

  • Sponsors and Partners

    We are grateful to the following partners that helping make this program possible

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